Friday, August 06, 2010

The First Annoying Comments

It's official! I have now received the first annoying comments about my hair. I was at my family reunion wearing a braidout. Well, the gulf coast air caused my style to fall and look like a stringy/poofy mess. I admit that my hair didn't look the best, but I wasn't trying to hear some of the comments that I received.

My cousin's child: "Is your hair supposed to look like that?"
Granted, this isn't super rude or anything, but it agitated me none the less.

My cousin (the boy's dad): "What were you trying to do with this look?"
Hours later..."I got it! Macy Gray!"

If that wasn't annoying enough, we had the banquet the next day. My mom was talking to my aunt about me getting enough to eat at the banquet because I'm a Pescetarian (fish = only meat). There wasn't much meatless or fishy fare. Well, when my aunt's children heard this they were like "YOU'RE A VEGETARIAN?!" and "Is that like, what...religious or something?" oh and don't let me forget "why you doin that? I eat everything in front of me." They weren't asking these questions. They were spitting them at me. I clarified that I am not a Vegetarian (they don't eat fish) and said that if they really wanted to know why people change their diet to low or no meat they can look it up online because it really isn't polite dinner table discussion.

I mean, I've been a Pescetarian almost half a year. These relatives live so close that I've eaten with them on sooo many occasions. I ate at their house and at several restaurants with them. Heck, I'd even finished off my banquet plate before the questions came. My Pescetarianism wasn't such a horrific discovery when I was eating next to you all those times this past month! lol. Seriously, it's not a big deal. I'm open to general curiosity, but not outrage and disbelief.

Before this post was scheduled to come out, my mom comes into my room, STICKS HER FINGERS INTO MY HAIR, giggles, and says "Kayla, when are you going to go to the beauty parlor? Your hair has been looking a mess all summer."

Now, words cannot express how much I wanted to turn around and smack her a good one. I am a respectful southern belle and I love my mother, but her comment and the fact that she was touching my hair had me on fire. I'm trying everything out this summer so that I can have my hair together when I get back in school. My mom doesn't understand a lot of things, but so what? Do people have to understand EVERYTHING I do? I don't think so. 
EVERYBODY IGNORANT...GTFO. <----No, seriously. 


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