Monday, August 02, 2010

Bantu Knot Out Style: "The Michael"

One day, I was chatting with my SO over webcam when he says to me "you look like a little girl with those curls in your head and that headband!" Now, I don't really take to heart what little he says about my hair, clothes, or makeup. Anything he says to me is taken as merely a suggestion, but he was right about how I usually wear my bantu knot outs. I usually make a part down the middle when I set them and I wear accessorize with a thin brown, tan, or black athletic headband.

In a quest to actually look my age and have a bit of a style I swooped all of my hair over to one side and invented "The Michael"! It kind of reminds me of Michael Jackson for whatever reason. I wore it for a few days then, pinned it up into another style.


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