Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Length Check: Ponytail Rollerset & Silkwrap #FAIL

I wanted to straighten my hair the healthy way for this month's length check so I tried to do a ponytail rollerset and silkwrap. Let me tell you, NO SIR! NO MA'AM! I came out with a hard curl under and more volume than Oprah back in the day. No lie, my hair looked a whole inch shorter. I won't give up on rollersetting, but I think a real rollerset probably would have gotten my roots straighter.

I came at it with the blowdryer and flat iron the next morning, two skills I have yet to master, in order to see if I needed a trim and to do the length check.

I'm shoulder length y'all!! Granted it's uneven due to my bob haircut and being a razor cut/trim only girl for years, but it's there! I'm not bothering to trim it because I don't wear my hair straight and the unevenness isn't from damage. My goal was to be shoulder length by the first day of school and I don't go until the last week of this month. Guess I get to purchase that length check shirt now. lol.


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