Friday, August 13, 2010

Trimmed back to Neck Length...I Think.

If you saw my last update I'd barely made shoulder length. I really thought about it and I didn't like my ends. I've had a razor cut since Senior year of high school and I no longer like the shaggy and thin look that the razor gives me. So, I trimmed my hair myself for the first time!

It looks as though I'm neck length, but who really knows? I barely trimmed off anything and you've got to factor in my poor job of blow drying and flat ironing and the workout reversion since my original post. My hair is super lifted at the root. lol.

I've been squeezing YouTube for all it's got in order to learn how to better straighten my hair and I even learned how to trim my own hair from the See My Healthy Hair channel.

I'm still ordering that length check shirt...


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