Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Natural Woman Film

Last week I had the pleasure of attending a screening of "Natural Woman" at my school. The filmmaker, Cindy Hurst, even came and she along with one of our teachers who was in the film, and student who's been natural her entire life acted as a panel for a discussion. Both the film and discussion were interesting.

One thing I saw was that a lot of guys in the room like dreds. One lady pointed out that dreds are long and in the shape of straight hair so the guys are still into the long, straight hair.  I was like 0_o. I'd never thought of it that way. Another lady was speaking and she said freeDOME. I loved that! One thing that truly got under my skin were the people who felt they needed to have straight hair for manageability. That's fine and dandy, but the girl said she'd rather have straight hair over "break a comb" natural hair.

Um...I haven't broken a comb. In fact, my hair is easy to comb and manage. I think people should learn about natural hair. If they did they'd know it isn't as difficult to manage as they think. I think you should be relaxed because you just like it and not because you feel you HAVE to in order to manage your or or in order to be accepted by others. FreeDOME is all about loving and accepting your hair for you whether that be relaxed, fro'd, or loc'd. Everyone's freedom is different.

I can't wait to purchase a copy of this film!

I have updated this post (04/2016) and the film is no longer available. 


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