Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Wig Stigma

Since I've begun to seriously wear my wig, I have felt the stigma associated with wearing a wig in the atmosphere. People have preconceived beliefs about wigs and though your situation is obviously contrary to what they believe, they still lump you into their assumptions.

 I even heard the phrase "whatever you're doing [to your hair] it's not working" and I believe it's because I'm wearing a wig. The wig makes people assume that I've given up and I'm hiding the failure.

The Wig Stigma

When you wear a wig people assume:
  • You have no hair
  • You may have hair, but it's dry, brittle, and/or breaking
  • You don't like the way your own hair looks
  • You are pretending or "playing dress up"
  • You are lazy
I think a lot of people are just having a hard time understanding why I would want to wear a wig. I mean, I'm wearing it because it allows me to have a style on the outside while taking extra care of my hair on the inside.

My wig also allows me to have a different look. My relaxed hair never had a cut like this and thanks to the wig, I didn't have to grow or cut anything to achieve this look.

I can't expect people to be supportive of me or understanding. All I can do is publicly speak my piece on this blog in the hopes that it will touch and educate someone else.


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