Monday, January 03, 2011

Month In Review: December

This month I wore...
  • A wig and...
    • Celie Plaits (Miss Celieeeee, Miss Celie! lol)
    • Jumbo Plaits
    • Loose
This month I learned that...
  • Wigs aren't that acceptable to everyone, but they are awesome!
  • Everyone will have an opinion on what YOU should do, but it is up to you what happens to your hair in the end.
  • You've got to take as much care of a wig as your own hair, it WILL tangle.
 This month I thought...
  • "I could have gotten knocked up and given birth by now! My hair is my baby, but it isn't due yet. "
  • "What is up with all of these anti-natural tweets? Why do y'all even care so much? lol."
  • "It's getting bigger!!"


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