Monday, April 11, 2011

In the grocery store...

So, the same day that I took this picture I went to the grocery store to pick up some items. I was on the phone helping a fellow education classmate register for a test when I came to the register with my basket. The girl kind of looked at the basket and me so I moved the phone and looked back at her and asked "Oh, you want me to remove the items?" She said "yeah, but I can do it myself" and proceeded to take the groceries out herself.

Remember now, that though it was totally rude, I am still on the phone. lol. She kind of stares at me again and asked me where I got my phone (iPhone 4), in the store or somewhere else. I tell her it was a Christmas gift and that I don't know. She looked as if her thought was "Aw, shoot!" Then she looks again and asks, "Are you natural?" Note that I only purchased three items. lol. I tell her no and that I was getting there. I explained that I had a fro with little relaxed bits hanging on the ends. She seemed interested in my style and asked how I got it to look like it did and who did it. I explained that you twist the hair and then knot it. When she found out that I had done the style myself she asked if I could do her hair in this style once she removed her sew in.

I told her that I had tutorials on my youtube channel that could help her both transition and get the style I was wearing. I also told her that my blog is linked from the youtube channel and that I have been transitioning a year. I was hoping she would check out the channel and attempt the style on her own because I am not a beautician. I've only done bantu's on another person once, over a year ago. She wrote her number on the receipt and told me it was a Birmingham number. [I guess in case I didn't have long distance on my phone?] I ripped it and gave her my youtube url.

You meet people everyday and in every way. I hope that I inspired someone to go natural and seek options today. Now, I need to look into some business cards...


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