Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Q & A: Switching to a Labret Stud From a CBR

Amanda writes:
 I have mine pierced with a cbr, and I also feel that the ring is causing more harm than help. I tried to change it to a labret, and had no problem getting the cbr out, but I can't get the labret all the way through. I could find the hole from the back fine, but since its been healing curved i can't get the straight one through. Do you have any tips on switching from curved to straight?

Kayla Responds:
Well Amanda, I definitely know what you mean about the curving of the piercing as it heals! I have to wonder what kind of labret you are trying to wear. I switched to a BIOFLEX labret from my CBR, which is a flexible, plastic type of labret that you can get online, at Claires, and in stores like Spencers and Hot Topic. This labret can get in a curved piercing and bend however it is bending. I noticed that my BIOFLEX bar was curved when I first put it in. It has since straightened out. If you want to go the metal route, you may want to look into a curved barbel. 

DISCLAIMER: Let us remember that I am in no way a professional--personal experience is all I can offer. 

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