Friday, June 03, 2011

Bunning Natural Hair

 I had long abandoned the track bun since progressing further into my transition. The track hair is straight and it had become more difficult to pull my hair back into the ponytail required for the bun, but I brought it back and rocked it for a week! {Note: this is not recently, I'm still in a wig}

1. Pull the soaking wet hair w/ leave-ins back and allow it to dry over night
 I used one of those foot stockings that they have at shoe stores and tied my hair back to dry overnight. For some reason, I get a nice tight ponytail that isn't wet where it was banded the next day when I use one of these.

2. If using straight hair make it messy
I would normally fan the track hair out and make it into a neat little donut bun, minus the foam or sock donut. This looks too neat with kinky/wavy hair in the front! So, I twisted the ponytail and made a messy bun in the back. I'll eventually get some braid hair for a better match to my natural hair.

3. Tie a scarf on that baby and leave it alone
When I was early into my transition, I would change the bun every day. Now, I put a scarf on my edges at night and then throw my bonnet over it. That bun--once placed--stays put until I wash my hair days later.

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