Friday, October 21, 2011

How to Do a Beer Rinse For Hair

 Yes y'all! I poured beer over my head! Here's why:
...the proteins from the malt and hops found in beer coat, rebuild and repair damaged hair. [source]
After I washed my hair for the first time I felt like it was really dry and less textured in some places. I heard that a beer rinse could aid in this--as long as it isn't heat damage which is permanent.

First I bought a Bud Light and let it sit in my room for about a week. 

Then I opened my beer the night before I planned to wash my hair.

How to Do a Beer Rinse For Hair

After I poured it on my head it was STINKY! I let it sit while I made my bed, started some coffee, and ate an oatmeal square. Be careful! This stuff was rolling all over my scalp!

I thought my hair would be dry upon rinsing, but was pleasantly surprised when my hair felt...normal. I proceeded with my regimen as usual. My hair is soft and shiny and doesn't smell like beer!

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