Wednesday, October 26, 2011

How I'm Keeping Tangles at Bay

Old detangling photo

Since removing the last of my relaxed ends I haven't had as much of an issue detangling my hair. I've worn twists, a twist out, and a puff. Despite the styles, I haven't really experienced any tangles. Here's why I think that is:

I naturally do not have a lot of shrinkage to begin with. My hair is without a doubt afro textured, but is lacking the major shrinkage usually associated with this texture and subsequently tangles. SN: My hair is odd period. It dries into a perfect, round fro but does not have major shrinkage and has curls all up and though it, I'm talking straw sized. 0_o 

I "pull and smooth" my hair in shower. Before I wash my hair there is a whole process. I get all up in my scalp with plain water then I begin pulling at my ends to loosen my hair. Some shed hair comes out during this process. As I shampoo and condition I am constantly smoothing my hair.

The relaxed ends were more tangly than the natural hair. Period. I can smooth that Denman through my hair like *snap* which wasn't as easy when I had the relaxed ends.

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