Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Kreative Blogger Award

Hello all, Lacoya of I'm a Natural Black Girl awarded me with the "Kreative Blogger Award". Thank you for thinking of my blog Lacoya! (side note: I saw you from afar at homecoming) As part of this award I must link back to the giver, answer the following questions, and award ten other bloggers--like a YouTube tag. I think this is pretty cute so here goes.

7 Statements:
Favorite Song: This changes but for now I'm loving YG - Up, J. Cole -Workout, and T-Pain- 5 o'clock
Favorite Dessert: I enjoy black tie chocolate cake and red velvet cake and practically any "birthday" cake.

Something that pisses me off: I don't like unprepared, indecisive, or long winded people. Please, don't waste my time. I can't get those minutes back!

When I'm upset: I become really quiet and watchful of whoever or whatever is upsetting me. I may also write a lot.

My Favorite Pet:I never really had pets growing up. I don't know enough to have a favorite.

Black or White: I like the crisp look of white.

My Biggest Fear: That I will be a failure.

My Best Feature: I think my ability to relate and empathize and my "sexy" legs are my best features.

My Everday Attitude: Life is more about how you react than what happens. My reaction is usually passive.

Perfection is: Marshmallows and chocolate with the hunny <--where this came from...I don't know.

Guilty Pleasure: Candyyyyyyyyyyy

7 Random Facts About Me
1. I have a permanent black dot on my left middle finger
2. I probably have 7x as many first cousins as the average person.
3. I have been with my hunny for nearly four years.
4. I have been a Pescetarian almost two years.
5. My favorite chapstick flavor and soda is Dr. Pepper
6. My personality is very much like that of a cat.
7. I have MANY diaries starting from high school into my freshman year of college.

10 Bloggers
I am very aware that many of my readers have blogs. If you would like to do this on your blog, link me back, answer the questions and add the facts, then comment me and I will add you in this section. When I get 10, I'll shut it down.

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