Friday, November 11, 2011

Month In Review: October

I actually wasn't going to do a "Month In Review" anymore, but then felt it wouldn't be fair to my readers. So here it is, my late but still great "Month In Review".

I'm not as adventurous with styles anymore because the winter is approaching and so are the holidays. I don't like to experiment much when I know I'm going to be traveling and seeing lots of people. My regular rotation involves puffs, twists, and twist-outs. You can find me in one of these any day.

I am finding out new things about my hair everyday because this hair is foreign to me. I am however discovering that children do not always like natural hair and DO NOT hold their tongue, which I didn't expect. I have also been slacking on vitamin and water intake. Lastly, I am having to overcome a few things since my BC. More is to come on all of these things in the upcoming posts.

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