Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Find: Does Your Man Really Not Like Your Natural Hair?

I was again cruising my Bloglovin' subscriptions when I came across this brotha right here! Number one, he is very attractive and easy on the eyes. Number two, he knows a lot of hair terminology, techniques, types, and even some products. Number three, he said some very real things in this video, his main point being that your hair should not be the cause of the end of your relationship. He emphasizes that relationships are hard to come by and that a couple should work together to make the relationship work after one party chooses to go natural. I can personally relate when he says that you should find out exactly why your man doesn't like your hair.

When I first began wearing my hair 100% relaxer free I could tell that Juan was on the fence. He neither loathed nor loved my hair but kept his mouth shut. My man is one that has his preferences and will speak them, but lets me do whatever the heck I'd like. At first I thought he didn't like my hair because he just wasn't into natural hair, but when I spoke with him more I learned what was really bothering him. He was unsure how I would really be wearing my hair. He didn't know if I would be neat and kept looking. He also prefers me with long hair because that's how he met me. He wants it to be long already!

Once you know what your man's real issue with your hair is, you can ease his discomfort and even educate him a bit. My man now knows that I still hold my previous style standards. I do not walk out of the house looking any kind of way. I am also on the way to growing my hair back out.

Bottom line, I loved this video. If you are natural, transitioning, or BCing and in a relationship, this video is a must see. Don't lose your relationship behind your newly natural hair.


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