Wednesday, January 04, 2012

How To: Go Weeks Without Washing Natural Hair

"Why would anyone want to know how to do that?" You may ask. The answer is varied. People may be coming into a busy time like the holidays or finals and not be able to wash or style their hair. Heck a person could be in a haircare rut but still want to look presentable. No matter the reason, I wanted to provide this guide because I just learned how to do it over this Christmas Break--photos coming as soon as I get back to school.

1 - Opt for Multilayer Styles
Go for styles that "evolve" as they age. The perfect multilayer style are twists. I will wear the twists for about a week. When they begin to look a mess, I unravel them and have a fresh twist out.

2 - Fix Only the Parts that are Beginning to Look Old
I keep my hair looking fresh by only showing the fresh parts. My twist outs began to get flat in the front so when they do it is the perfect time to begin wearing a half up style. When the back starts looking crazy, I go to a puff.

3 - Keep it Moisturized
What gives away dirty hair? Dull, crispy strands. I am now able to go longer without washing my hair because I have more moisture in my hair. Let me have tried to go weeks without washing around the time of my BC! It would not have been pretty.

4 - Put it Up
When all of your hair starts looking crazy, but you're not ready to wash, opt for an updo or protective style like rolls, a bun, etc.

5 - Wash it Already!
After a while you are going to have to wash your hair and your strands will let you know when the time has come.