Monday, January 02, 2012

Happy New Year: Month & Year in Review

Happy New Year 2010! {Explored}
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I have been sticking to my twists and twist outs this month though I did do a "Whitley Bun". I also wore my twists for a super long time this month. A post on that later!

My school has blessed us with the longest Christmas break yet! During this long break I have washed my hair only once and am now convinced that I have the secret to going a whole month without washing natural hair. I didn't go that long, but I could. lol. I can also go longer without moisturizing my hair as I no longer need to nurse my hair from post BC dryness.

Last Year...
As 2011 approaches and I think back on the past year, I'm beginning to review 2010 in terms of hair care. I've decided that I'm leaving relaxed hair and hair that is worn mostly straight in 2010. Straight is a style, not a lifestyle. lol. I'm also leaving sulfate containing shampoos and excessive manipulation in the past.
I surely did leave straight hair in 2010. I have only worn my hair straight once since I wrote that little paragraph this time last year. I also lowered the manipulation of my hair a bunch. I stayed sulfate free until around October of 2011 when I began using Suave shampoo which I am still using.

For 2012...
I only ask one thing of my hair. Bra Strap Length! I want to reach my familiar APL and surpass it to the foreign BSL. I wouldn't know what to do with hair that length! lol. 

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