Friday, April 13, 2012

Unsolicited Natural Hair Advice...Again

Nearly a year ago I filmed the above video on unsolicited advice I had received for my natural hair. I was being asked to twirl my hair or something. Now, I am by no means a licensed cosmetologist or natural hair guru, but I knew that the advice wasn't helpful in the least bit. This episode was just one of many. It just happens to be the only one that made it to YouTube.

Fast forward a year and I have been receiving a lot of advice about oil lately. "You need to put a little oil on your hair for moisture" and "You need to put some oil on there for shine" but the cake goes to "Here is some oil, put this on your hair and rub it in". Just no, no, no! Oil is not moisturizing. Some types of natural hair--like mine--does not shine, it has a sheen. My hair only shines if it has been wet within the past 24hrs. No amount of oil in this world is going to produce the results my adviser is looking for.

Now, I am making this post for self reflection. The belief is now that I "don't want to listen" because I combat this advice and it's foolishness on spot. I see how wrong that is. No matter how opposed or annoyed I am, I need to say okay and move on. "You need to rub a little oil on your hair for shine." Okay. "You need to moisturize with some oil." Okay. No amount of opposition or "education" given is going to change the belief of someone who isn't reading up on or wearing natural hair.

I am from this point on in practice mode. I WILL learn to take in advice no matter how foolish or wrong I may think it is.


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