Wednesday, April 11, 2012

2 Years Post Relaxer Length Check

Two months after removing my relaxed ends--A year and a little over a half post relaxer--I decided to check my hair's length. I was at CL and SL for the most part. 

Here is where I am now, four months later and two years post relaxer.

I am beyond thrilled with the growth. If you do the math, hair grows half an inch a month. It has been four months since my last length check. That is enough time to grow a full two inches of hair. I don't think the sides grew that much but the front and back did VERY well over these four months.I also trimmed my hair a week before these photos were taken. I plan to do my next length check in October--six months and three inches from now.

Will I be APL by the next length check?

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Shika said...

Great progress!! Keep it up!!