Monday, May 07, 2012

Adventures in Stretched Styling

Lately I have been toying with styling stretched hair. I've found that when I do my bantu knot outs or braid outs on non-stretched, wet hair my natural texture competes with and eventually destroys the style. The longer I am natural, the more pronounced my natural kinks are and they do not like any wet set other than twist outs! For my most recent bantu knot out, I stretched my hair in a low pony puff for about a week, then I sprayed with water/conditioner and combed it out in sections. I also oiled the sections. I then did a bantu set.

The next morning I took it down. I didn't separate it at first because I had a feeling some of the ends would not be right and so it would be a bad idea to separate them.

The ends weren't right, but I looked THE fool so I separated the doodles in half. I tried to fashion them into some sort of style. I need to learn how to better stretch my hair so that the ends are not poofy. Looking back, I should have REALLY wet up the ends and gone over them with a fine toothed comb before finishing each bantu knot. Despite the poof, this looks way better than anything I would have gotten with wet hair.

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