Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Personal MN Challenge

Pssst...Can I tell you a secret? I'm going to try Miconazole Nitrate (MN) for hair growth. MN is the active ingredient in anti-fungal medicines like Monistat. Yes, I will be putting "coochie cream" on my scalp! Now, you know how growth aids and I do not get along. If you don't know check out my post on Boundless Tresses and my other on Peppermint Oil. Now, I had to do a little research on which version of MN to get. It seemed pretty unanimous that Monistat 7 (the family dollar version) was the strongest and cheapest MN. I went to family dollar and saw that their Monistat was $5 and some change. That is low compared to the usual $10+ that you have to pay for Monistat but something in my spirit told me I could get it cheaper. 

Cheaper, I did get it. Walmart had an equate version of Monistat 7 for $4 and some change. I purchased that one and brought it home.

I wanted a super easy application method because I feel some type of way about putting ANYTHING on my scalp so I decided I wanted to dilute and apply the MN in a spray form. I placed a little in a spare spray bottle.

I decided to dilute it with this oil product my mom gave me. I think she got it for free at the world natural hair show in Atlanta last year.

I don't think it really mixed well. Getting rid of this oil is out of the question. I may try mixing it with water next. If that does not work (headaches or discomfort), then I will mix with my regular grapeseed oil. I'll be updating you all of this periodically.

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