Monday, May 14, 2012

Naturals, Can We Really Be Mad?

I was in a Target out of town when I came across a child. He was motioning his hands around his head as though he was patting a huge fro. I looked at him and he kept right on so I looked away and ignored him while making a face like he was insane. This incidence had me thinking "can naturals really be upset if someone makes a snide remark or stares at them while they are out and about?" I don't think we really can be.

Think about it, we step into a room or public place and we are wearing huge hair that stands away from our head. People just don't see that every day. To top it off, I've seen quite a few naturals with a funky style to go along with their hair. It is hard for people not to look when they see all of that hair and style coming at them. Attention will come--positive or negative.

When a child says something off the wall or I see someone snickering or staring, am I mad? Nah. I came in the room with something super noticeable on my head to begin with!

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