Monday, July 23, 2012

Find: BonBons Satin Bonnets

I am not a particularly impulsive person. I will stare at an item in a store only to put it back and walk away. So I don't know what came over me on the night of the 15th when I decided to order two bonnets from Bonbons Cheveux Boutique. I ordered the White Chocolate Hard Candy without the bow and the Chocolate Caramel BonBons with the bow. What drew me to these bonnets were first how unique the prints were and second the adorable bows on them. You can get them without the bows or pay an additional dollar and have the bow attached.

What really sealed the deal for me were the "Hard Candy" line of bonnets. These bonnets are lined with a waterproof plastic material so that you can deep condition overnight. I currently put on a plastic cap, tie it down with a satin scarf, and then place a bonnet over it. This bonnet will cut out a few steps in my overnight deep conditioning process.

I can't wait until they get here!

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