Friday, July 20, 2012

How Many Products Does It Take?

I was in Target the other day and the cashier asks me how long have I been natural. This sparked a short conversation between us in which she told me about a person who had come in and bought a boatload of natural products. The person was newly natural. This made me think about how many products I use and how much I spend in general. Here it is broken down.

Basic Care
ORS Replenishing Conditioner
Shea Moisture Shampoo
Shea Moisture Curl & Shine Milk
Shea Moisture Restorative Conditioner
Grapeseed Oil

ORS Loc & Twist Gel
Eco Styler Gel

So, I use a total of 7 products. These are products that I use every time and that I replace when they are empty either with the same product or a similar one. I know that some people have lines that they rotate or have multiple products per category.

How many products do you use?


Ricka said...

Hello Kayla, I am newly Natural and I love it, I did the big chop on July 8th this year and to be honest I have been trying lots and lots of products trying to figure out which is best for my hair. The only two I like is the Kinky Curly Curling Custard Line and the Eco Styler Gel. As for the Conditioner and Shampoo I use the Giovonni Line. My hair was so dry that i really felt like kicking the natural thing. Any tips on what I need to do at night? Please help a newly nat sister

Kayla said...

@Ricka I love to help out my "newly nat sistas"! My hear was super dry when I first went natural and from what I've seen, that is normal to experience. I did a LOT of baggying--sleeping with water and oil on my hair covered with a plastic bag. Stick with it and your moisture should balance out over time.

At night, make sure that you are protecting your hair with a silk or satin cap/scarf or a silk or satin pillowcase. I also had an increase in moisture by switching to the LOC method of moisturizing which can be found in my most popular posts to the left.

Keep me posted!

Ricka said...

Thanks Ms Kayla�� I really appreciate this. I will Def. keep you posted . Oh quick question, I want to color my gray do you know what kind Of dye us Naturals can use?

Kayla said...

@Ricka, I am not a natural who cares much about "naturalness" of hair dyes. I used regular old "Dark and Lovely" to dye my hair. If you would like to go the natural route try indigo or henna--though I am not sure what those would do with grays.