Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tutorial: Stretching Natural Hair Without Heat

Hi guys! I just uploaded this video to my youtube channel. I post new videos on my blog about 30 minutes before they are released on my channel because the main picture is always some foolishness and takes forever to change.

Here are the basics of what I'm doing in this video:

1. Pull hair back into a bun.
2. Pin any sticking up hair down. I used pincurl clips because I was hoping the scarf would flatten the pieces enough that I could remove the clips in the morning.
3. Make four two strand twists from the ponytail.
4. Pin into a bun.
5. Tie down for bed.
5. Allow to dry--this usually takes me two days. I took the bun down a day early to move it up and catch some of my layers, then took it down when it was dry the next day.

I HAVE to do this before doing bantu knot outs or braid outs or they'll come out looking like wet, failed, wash 'n' fros.

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