Friday, September 14, 2012

Confession: My Husband Does Not Like "Natural Styles"

Yes, you read that title correctly. Just because I am on YouTube and write a natural hair blog does not mean that I am immune to any of the situations that you all my find yourself in. I am openly sharing that my husband has a preference for long flowing hair. As you all have seen on my blog and youtube, I am a kinky haired, tightly coiled natural. My hair does not hang or flow very much. I also do not straighten my hair--I don't have the desire and would like to gain more length before I do. The only--in his opinion--flowing hairstyles that I do are bantu knot outs and twist outs.

This fact used to really bother me, but I have to look at the entire picture. My husband loves me and though he has a preference and an opinion of my hair, it's not going to cause him to leave me. I encourage you to have an open discussion with your significant other. Find out why he is not feeling your natural hair. Then, see if you can talk through those issues.

I plan to explain to my husband that I am working toward certain hair goals right now and protective styling and staying away from heat will get me there. I will never change something about myself because of my significant other's opinion. You should be able to be you in a relationship.


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