Monday, September 17, 2012

The Best Wash Day Ever!

Sometimes I look at this blog through the eyes of those outside the "hair world" and I have to laugh. Only a hair blogger, Youtuber, or forum member gets super excited about a wash day! Now, back to this wash day--what had me excited? My hair was easier to detangle, easier to lather, easier to rinse, and just "laid" in general from beginning to end.

The first thing I did differently was detangling on dry hair as I put in my deep conditioner. Now, dry detangling isn't new to me--I used to do it toward the end of my transition. I only stopped because I started following tightly curly to a "T" and dry detangling just wasn't part of that. As I conditioned and detangled, I put my hair into jumbo twists.

The next thing I did differently was washing my hair in sections. Again, this is something I did at the end of my transition. I had to use ponytail holders just to get my hair to stay sectioned. Now that I'm natural my hair will actually stay in sections under water. I rinsed the DC out by taking down a section at a time and I rubbed shampoo into my scalp before retwisting each section.  I went around my head a second time to rinse the shampoo and apply my detangling conditioner.

The last thing I did that was unusual was detangle a second time. When I dry detangled in the past I only detangled that one time. My second time around detangling I still removed more hair and had the most detangled hair of my life! You can't tell me my hair ain't detangled! If I keep this up there may be less hair each time.

Also, as I rinsed my hair--chile it was laid like pale folks out in the sun! Combing, brushing, etc. puffs up my hair and water lays it back down.


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