Friday, October 05, 2012

Ultimate Bun Challenge: Month Two

It has been two months on the Ultimate Bun Challenge and I am beginning to feel "some type of way". My hair wants to big and bad and the buns are forcing it down. I'm going to stick this challenge out, but I wouldn't be real if I didn't let you know how I'm feeling.

This month I didn't try to many new styles. I did a bun with the front of my hair pulled back in soft rolls. I did a twists bun which later turned into a twist out bun and now I'm rocking my favorite bun--three twists pinned under. I have a style video coming soon for the twist out bun.

The care has pretty much been the same since the last update. I am now "re gelling" my hair every few days or so to keep it smooth.

I don't really have any plans for this coming month. I am meaning to get around to the high bun with a doubled headband though. I will be beginning substitute teaching and I'm not sure if that is the most professional style.


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