Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Review: Holiday VoxBox 2012

Yes, I got this box over a month ago. Yes, it's 2013, but I'm doing the review now! The main thing that held it up was the Nail Dress. I was being slow about getting around to doing them. The funny thing is, the Nail Dress was what I was most excited about from this box!


Quaker Real Medleys Apple Walnut Oatmeal+
Absolutely delicious is all I can say. I loved the way this oatmeal tasted and I also liked that is was more hearty because it included real apple chunks and walnut pieces. 

EBOOST Pink Lemonade Natural Energy Booster
I believe I have tried this before in an orange flavor. Perhaps that one was better because the pink was a no-go. It fizzed up nicely but much of it did not dissolve and left a bitter taste at the bottom of my glass. It also didn't taste that good, nor did I feel a boost of energy. What I did like was knowing that I got some extra vitamins in.

Kiss Nail Dress
I had stated that I was most excited to try these and in the past I have had great success with other products by the Kiss brand. I sadly, did not gel with this product. In the photos it looks like a nail design. In real life, it looked like I stuck a sticker from an easter egg dye kit on my nail. Also I could not file it into shape neatly. I am going to stick to the Kiss glue/press on nails.

Goody QuikStyle Paddle Brush
You all saw me try this one out. I was very impressed with the design even though my tough-to-dry hair wasn't having it. I will be forwarding it to a friend (see full review here).

Lawd, do I love this gloss! It has a pretty neutral shine to it. It wears and smells very similar to my NYX lipgloss. If you do not have access to NYX cosmetics, this is very close and more widely available. As a bonus, it is about $4 cheaper. I also like that this gloss is thicker than the NYX. It feels moisturizing and stays on the lips due to the texture. I am wearing it in this photo:

Sole Society Code: INFLUENSTER25
I hate signin up for things so I did not take advantage of this code. I hope that you all did before it expired.


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