Friday, January 25, 2013

Goody Quickstyle Brush (on natural hair!!) DEMO


Hello my lovely readers! I have been feeling a bit "uninspired" when it comes to my blog and channel resulting in slow posts all around. I am still here though and I have tried the Goody Quickstyle brush and lived to tell the tale!

What I liked most about this brush, was the careful design of it. Often times the only vented brushes are the round ones or the small ones with a slotted back. You very rarely see a vented, large paddle brush. (They do exist, but...y'know...) So, I liked the side vents. I also liked the use of the microfiber towel. Microfiber towels soak up excess water without frizzing your hair. The microfiber is also treated so that it is antimicrobial, which is a must with a product such as this, meant to be used on wet hair. It is also easy to clean this brush with a rat tail comb.

Despite watching another natural brush her hair with this brush and end with fluffy dry hair--no dryer used, this brush did not work for me. I'm not really upset or disappointed by that though. My hair is difficult to dry anyway! I have often had damp hair a whole day after I wet it. Also, I used the product differently than it is supposed to be used--with a blowdryer. 

I am giving this a 3/3 simply becuase I am super impressed by the design and truly believe and have seen (YouTube) that it can work for others. I already know my hair is hard to dry no matter what is being used. I will let this brush work for my 3b, blowdry using friend when I can get around to sending it to her. :)

Rating: ♥♥ out of 3 EXCELLENT


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