Friday, February 08, 2013

Product Review: L'Oréal Paris Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream

The following is a sponsored post brought to you by SheSpeaks and L'Oréal Paris. I received this product free of charge for review. All opinions are honest and my own.

I must admit that the whole BB cream craze missed me. I was just simply not interested in a souped up tinted moisturizer, as that is surely what American BB creams are. Despite my passiveness, I was--admittedly--a little excited to try this L'Oréal product. 

Hmm...what is in here...

This cream claims to act as a primer, moisturizer, hide flaws, and even up your tone. There are beads in the product that when rubbed into the skin, adjust to your shade. The product comes in four shades: Fair, Light, Medium, and Deep. I received the Deep shade.

I first noticed that this product looks, smells, and feels like lotion. It also appears gray straight from the tube. On to the application. I knew the second I had to vigorously begin rubbing my face with both hands that I put waaaaay too much on my face. I took pictures in warm light, natural light, and with camera flash. As you can see, I was a bit chalky.
It's driiiiiiipiiiiiing!

I then, wiped my face off very well and tried again with less cream. Again, I took pictures in the three different kinds of lighting. I was still a little gray, but not as much. 

I could still see some blemishes so I put on concealer and set it all with powder. I added my favorite elf blush in "tickled pink" to top it all off. I again took photos in all three types of light...better.

Bottom Line:
What I like about this cream is that it did warm up to a shade very close to my skin color. It is very hard as a light complexion African American woman to find drugstore makeup shades that fit. The shade for women of color is usually too dark for me while the lighter shades are not meant for women of color. I am, however, an obsessive nut and like my face to look good in all types of light. Because of this little preference I could not say that I absolutely love this cream. 

I did look good while I was out and about and even received some compliments. My slight discoloration along my jaw line was also a little less apparent but still needed concealer to fully hide it. I see potential here, but the ingredients that cause conflict with camera flash would need to be replaced or removed and a new shade between Deep and Medium would be nice. 

I've sent the cream to my friends who are all a different shade of brown. Perhaps it will work best for one of them.

Price: $10.95 for 1 fl oz. at grocery and drug stores

Rating:  ♥ out of 3 - GOOD


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