Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ultimate Bun Challenge: Results

Hairlista's Ultimate Bun Challenge has finally come to an end and my husband is relieved to say the least. In this challenge I challenged at the ultimate level which meant all buns, all the time without taking them down in between styling. How did I come out in the end?

While any growth retained is great (being that I used to go to a scissor happy stylist and as a result retained 0" each year) I did not feel that bunning greatly increased me length retention. In a 6 month period I should have retained 3" or 2.5" if you count the trim that I had back in October. Either I accidentaly trimmed too much, I got a little breakage, or I am in a fall/winter growth slump (which is actually common, I just never tracked to see if I get this slump).


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