Friday, February 15, 2013

Would You: Hit a Hand Stand for Hair Growth?

I was browsing through Hairlista--as it is my habit to do--and I stumbled across a post in which the poster claims to have gained 1 inch of hair growth in a week. The post was complete with photo evidence. See the post here. The poster attributed the growth to the "Inversion Method." I had no idea what that meant so I hunted around the site until I found an entire group dedicated to the method.

The method involves hanging your head upside down for 4 minutes over 7 days. This is supposed to increase blood flow to the scalp and thus encourage growth. There are even yoga poses for hair growth that utilize inversion. Now, I have to say it. This technique is not without risks!! Please review this list of warnings and risks. For more information and a comparison, click the image below to be taken to a youtube video about the method.


So, would you try this method?
What do you think about it?


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