Monday, March 25, 2013

2nd Henna Application

Photo from my last henna treatment
Well...I have done it again. I did my 2nd henna treatment. This time around it was much easier. The henna was already premixed and ready to go. I simply defrosted it by setting it on the counter the night before. By the time I was ready to apply it it was smooth and creamy. In fact, It was much creamier than the first application's henna. That one was more like cake batter.

This time, the henna went on smoothly and rinsed out just as smoothly. I rinsed my hair twice before shampooing just as I had done the last time, but it all pretty much rinsed out on the first rinse. Also, when I applied conditioner to deep condition, my hair did not feel as though it still had grit in it. I could say that this application smelled different as well...more mild, but the first time was so long ago that I'm not sure.

Getting two full head applications out of the smaller size of Godrej Nupur 9 is not bad at all, especially when you factor in the time that I go in between applications--every other month. I got 4 months out of a small pouch. They do not sell this henna in my area so I am considering buying 3 pouches from a New York based Indian grocer that you can shop online. I could also purchase it from Amazon. Either way, 3 pouches will run me ~$13 and last until 2014.


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