Monday, May 27, 2013

How Long is Your Natural Hair Regimen?

"These naturals know they dread wash day, they need to be real!" "You have such long/thick/pretty hair! It must take you forever to wash/style/detangle it!" I've read and heard statements like these all too often and they always leave me wondering just what people think I go through for my hair. People who have followed me for some time know that I am lazy. There ain't no way I'm wasting time on my natural hair! Y'all know that. 

My entire regimen--before styling--takes an hour to an hour and a half. In that time I wash, deep condition, AND thoroughly detangle. Yup, all of that! I will be getting around to filming a regimen video that reflects this. For times when I have even less time, I now have the quick wash as an option. It also cuts down my "hair time" when you take into account how long  I can go between washings. 

I primarily wear twists and twist outs. Week old twists become a twist out. A week old twist out becomes a twist out puff, then I finally wash my hair a week later. That's three whole weeks of style that lead up to a short 1 hour regimen. Doesn't seem very time consuming does it? 

How long does your regimen take? How often do you do your regimen? What part of your routine takes up the most time? 


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