Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Your Hair is Hard to Comb, Yes?

Yesterday I ran to the grocery store to get a bag of apples. While waiting in the self check out line, a (cute)  little old Asian woman comes to stand next to me. As I kind of turn in her direction she says "All your hair? Is your hair real?" Now, I am suuuuper used to getting asked this by now so I casually say "Yes, ma'am" and begin to look forward thinking the conversation was over.

The woman then says "Hard to comb." The way she said it had a hint of asking but more of telling. lol. I again turn to her and say "no," much to her surprise. This conversation left me really curious, as I have also received a lot of comments and questions in real life regarding the ease or rather, difficulty, of combing my hair. Why do people think about how hard/easy it is to comb my hair anyway?

When I see someone with super thick or super long hair, my first thought isn't what they must go through to comb it. Maybe I don't think of this because I am natural. As a natural, combing my own hair is hardly a concern for me because, at the highest frequency, I'm only combing my hair once a week. At times I have gone three weeks before combing my hair. Combing is not a daily concern of mine.

Also, why do people assume my hair is hard to comb? My hair is as easy to comb as some straight hair folks' hair. As long as you are combing the hair in a way that is appropriate to it's type, it shouldn't be hard.

How I comb my hair: I apply my deep conditioner as I lightly section it off and gently rake my fingers through. After deep conditioning I get into the shower and--under the running water--comb my hair from end to root as easy and breezy as someone with straight hair would.

No, my hair is quite easy to comb...when I actually comb it.


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