Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Product Review: As I Am Products (FINALLY!!)

It has taken me nearly 3 whole weeks to use all of these As I Am samples. I randomly purchased a sample pack from them last year for less than $5 and it came with a sample of almost all of their products! Because there are so many products to share I will be grouping them based on how I liked them and leaving the ingredients out. Here goes!

The Good

Smoothing Gel - $8 for 8oz
This stuff smells great and is very thick and sticky. The ingredients list--as far as I can tell--is silicone and alcohol free. The gel held my hair just as well as eco styler olive oil gel. The only thing that would hold me back from purchasing this is that there are other super cheap gels with the same properties on the market: eco, ic fantasia, gorilla snot, etc. 

DoubleButter Cream - $15.50-28.00 for 8oz-16oz
This stuff is creamy and rich. It provided great moisture.

Twist Defining Cream - $13-22 for 8oz-16oz
This product is super thick, creamy, and moisturizing. I can feel that it has a bit of hold as well. Used it to style twist and rubbed it over them a week later before untwisting for a twist out. 

CocoShea Spray $15 for 4oz
A friend bought this for me in the full size so I took the sample traveling. This spray is moisturizing and provides shine. It is perfect for keeping twists moisturized and with very little frizz.

The Not Too Bad

Curling Jelly - $13-22 for 8oz-16oz
Used this product as a styler for a braid out. The braid out came out very nicely and survived a light rain while I entered and exited church. As for how long the style lasted, it made it to day 3, but desperately needed to be refreshed. My hair is also a bit dry <--could be the DB cream or the Jelly's fault.

Curl Clarity Shampoo - $12 for 8oz
I think this is a clarifying shampoo, but it does not have silicones. It is very thin and clear like water. It was easy to lather up (there is lather) and it was easy to rinse. My hair came out clean.

Leave-In Conditioner - $10.50 for 8oz
I do like this stuff. It has a very thin "shampoo-like" consistency and spreads very well. I had about half a packet left after applying this stuff to my hair. The next day my air dried hair has a nice little sheen to it and is soft to the touch. I will be using this again as I comb out my stretched hair before preparing to trim.

Hydration Elation Intensive Conditioner - $16 for 8oz
I really liked the texture of this product. It feels like a body butter and melts when you rub it in your hands. It "wets" the hair when it is applied and my hair felt very nice when I finished conditioning. The product had some slip but not an amazing amount. I also liked the smell.

The Ugly

Coconut Cowash - $8 for 16oz
No sir, no ma'am. I did not like this stuff. The texture was cool, it felt like a mix between shaving cream and conditioner. Application was fine and it did not lather--as expected anyhow. It was the actual rinsing that gave me problems. I am very obsessive when I rinse my hair. I take time and make sure everything is out, even scratching my scalp to "test" the cleanliness. This cowash failed the test and took a lot of my time. I just don't feel like my hair is as clean as it could be.

Moisture Milk - $16 for 8oz
This is a lot like water. It didn't dry my hair out but neither did it wow me.


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