Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Clear Skin At Last

Finally, I have clear skin! If you are familiar with my blog, you know that my skin and I have it out with each other on a regular basis. This time last year I posted a YouTube video titled "Beauty Vlog" in which I reveal my struggles with my skin. I came back a month later, this time on a blog post titled "Update: Skin." The creativity of that title should win an award. In that post I reveal that I still had not gotten clear skin, but that I discovered that I had dry skin and I was working toward fixing the problem.

After restoring the moisture to my face through water only rinsing, I once again returned to my beloved oil cleansing method. Every other day I removed the oil with the St. Ives Apricot Scrub for acne. On non-scrub days I just rinsed the oil away with water. The oil kept me from needing to follow my routine with a moisturizer. Each weekend I used the Queen Helen Mint Julep face mask.

Clear Skin

This routine has greatly reduce the acne on my face and has smoothed out my skin in general. Lately I have fallen off the oil cleansing and masking bandwagons, but I continue to maintain my skin with the scrub every other day. If I am wearing makeup I use a dime sized amount of my body wash to remove it and make sure to apply my e.l.f Studio Daily Moisture Stick afterward to keep my sensitive face from drying out. I truly believe that having some sort of regimen and using at least one product specifically for acne is the key to clear skin.

I am now looking for ways to reduce the dark marks left by the acne. I'm thinking cocoa butter.


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