Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Natural Hair Movement is...Over?

I was perusing my blog subscriptions when I saw a quoted article on one of my natural hair subscriptions. The quoted article said that stylists are needing to "up" their relaxer and relaxed hair care supplies because women are going back to the "creamy crack." The article gave three reasons that may be causing the resurgence of relaxed hair.

First, the statement that the "movement" is over. I was just thinking to myself the other day that I see a lot more naturals out and about. I saw many a natural while Juan and I were in Target the other day. Where are these new relaxed heads? They must not live in my area of Delaware! Sure, one of my YouTube subscriptions just went relaxed, but the most common change that I am seeing on YouTube is a haircut. Many naturals are going for the tapered cut now. Even one of my friends is now sporting the short natural look after previously having longer natural hair.

Then, there are their reasons...
They said that natural hair was high maintenance. I just washed my hair after 4 weeks and when I washed it, I was only doing my hair about an hour! What type of styles were these folks trying to do? The second reason was that natural hair didn't feel sexy. Again, what styles are these people doing? Celie braids 24/7? I feel quite the grown woman with my big, wild hair. That last reason though? It was just as ridiculous. Natural hair is expensive.

I spend very little on my natural hair. *whips out calculator* For a braid out I use shampoo $9.99, conditioner .99, olive oil $4.99, aloe vera gel $5.99, honey $5, leave in conditioner $6, styler $4.99. Now, it looks like a lot with the total at $37.95 but most products last me about 6 months. So, one braid out costs me about $6 and some change. Um...a wash, blowdry, and flat iron at the salon costed me $45 and don't let me tack on how much more it was on relaxer day!

Do you see the relaxer trend increasing? Is natural hair done?


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