Monday, December 09, 2013

Red/Brown to Black Hair Dye

"Hair blonde fo' a minute til' she dyed it black." If you don't recognize that lyric, you are quite young. :) Anywho, I finally dyed my hair black after talking about it for some time.

I decided to use Dark N Lovely's new Go Intense line in black. My mom used Dark N Lovely for years and I used it in the past to create the ends (which used to be at my roots) that you see in the before picture. As you can see, this color comes with recommended skin tones. It was not recommended for my tone, but I'm of the "not caring"camp.

The kit comes with a developer, gel color, conditioner, and instructions to which the crappiest and cheapest pair of gloves is attached. Do yourself a favor and buy your own gloves. I purchased this lovely pair in a pack at Sally's Beauty.

I squeezed all of the gel color into the developer and shook it up. I then applied lines of dye to my hair, rubbed it to cover the area, then made another line. I found that I got the best coverage by doing two lines on one side of a thin section, two on the other, then continuing down the one side. I found I could get the color through to the other side by flattening the section between my hands and twisting it a bit as well.


Now, lets talk about the mistake I made, then the smart choice I made. The mistake was only purchasing one box of dye. I was unable to get to the very bottom of the back of my head. No worries though. Most of my hair was dyed and most of the lighter color was in the front. The smart thing I did was quickly wiping any stray dye with a baby wipe.

I left the color to process for 30 minutes, then rinsed and shampooed my hair in the shower. I finished everything off with the conditioner from the box. They must not have changed the formula of the conditioner much because it is still bomb. My hair is super soft!

 Dark N Lovely is not paying me for this post. However, if they would like to...I'm not opposed.


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