Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Zero Length Retention

It was time for the big reveal. I had decided to do my length check "live" on camera instead of taking shots and stringing them into a video with a voice over. I turned around, stretched the length, and...nothing.

In 6 months I had retained absolutely nothing. I started on the 10" line and ended there too. From that moment on I decided to put my hair through hair care basics boot camp. I think I had gotten lazy and overly confident with my hair journey.

The Plan

Start off with a trim

I need a trim anyway and had planned a trim before this unfortunate discovery. I will be trimming according to the farmer's almanac. The best days to trim for growth are April 1st and 2nd. Not that I believe too heavily in this stuff, but what can it hurt if I was already going to trim anyway?

Moisturize Daily

I did retain length for a period without daily moisturizing, but over time the moisturizing grew farther and farther apart. I'm cranking it all the way back up to daily like back in the beginning.


I have always been one to take a multi just for health's sake. My parents started me out young with Flintstones vitamins! I have been off my vitamins for some time simply because I eat a little better than the Standard American Diet. However, I'm not only going back to my multi but I'm reintroducing biotin and introducing MSM. I drink enough water to offset the acne that these two can cause.

More Length Checks

6 months is far too long to discover that you haven't retained any length. I will be upping my length checks to every other month--long enough to retain one inch. The key to finding a solution is tracking the process and I intend to do just that. 


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