Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Maximum Hydration Method Takes Too Much Time!

One of the complaints people (who haven't tried it) have about the Maximum Hydration Method (MHM) is the amount of time it takes. Naysayers go as far as to insist that an individual doing this method MUST not be employed or have a family. I thought that was a bit much to assume as I have a career (not a job), a husband, and a young dog who looks like he's training for a police canine unit. I also cook and clean--daily. I decided to do a real breakdown of how I would spend my time with a basic regimen and where my time is spent with my now MHM regimen.

Old Regimen

Shampoo - (sections, lots of rinsing because my hair is thick) 30 mins
Deep Conditioning - 30 Mins
Rinsing/Detangling - 30 Mins
Styling (twisting = 2 1/2 hours, bantu knots/braids = 30 mins) 30 mins - 2.5 hrs
Drying - Overnight

Total = 1 night & 2 - 4 hrs

MHM Regimen

ACV rinse - 1 hr <-- I'm probably on the computer or watching TV with the family during this.
Deep Conditioning - Overnight <--Um...I'm sleeping during this step
Detangling/Clay Application - 15 mins
Clay Sitting - 15 mins <---I often don't wait a full separate 15 mins because by the time I finish application, the first section has already been sitting the 15 mins
Clay Rinsing/Conditioner Application - 15 mins
Styling (just smoothing gel over it) - 30 mins <---sometimes less

Total = 1 night & 2.25 hrs

This regimen takes around the same amount of time of a regular regimen. I think where the reaction comes from are the steps. The MHM does have more steps but you can see that I am doing whatever and sleeping during the first two steps.

As for the issue with work, I do the regimen twice a week, preserving my hair by sleeping in a pineapple between wash sessions. One washing is on the weekend and another is once during the week.  On that one day I wake up exactly one hour earlier than usual to do the mud and style. I've even brushed my teeth and let the dog out and fed him while letting the mud sit.

I heard the same cries of no time when I lost over 30lbs! People make time for what they really want. We have the same 24 hrs. What are you doing with yours?

* Since (pre) writing this blog post I have cut down on my time doing the MHM. I now do the ACV and DC on the same day in the 1st hour, sleep on the clay, then get up to rinse the clay and style which takes about 30 mins. My time doing MHM is now Overnight & 1 1/2 hours.

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