Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Trim - October 2014

Here it is, my dears. I put my hair into twists and then snipped off the ends. I love how the ends are multi-colored. lol. As for the twists I used to do this trim...NEVER AGAIN! I must learn how to trim my hair in its natural state.

The twists took nearly 2 hours to install and I was suffering from sciatica during the process. I couldn't stand in the bathroom any longer after I had done the first half so I stumbled to the living room. After I finished, my husband had to yank me onto my feet from the living room floor. Just, no!

However, the twists looked good in the emergency room the following evening, which is where I had to go when the pain became unbearable. They put me on all sorts of drugs and I probably wouldn't have been much worried about doing my hair if it was loose.


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