Wednesday, February 25, 2015

I Revisited Washing in the Sink

Ah, washing your hair in the kitchen sink...the ultimate "black experience." I'd be willing to bet that most black women have either had their hair washed in or have washed their hair in the kitchen or bathroom sink. I remember my mom standing over the sink trying to get all of the Honey Blonde dye out of her hair. I have memories of my college friends bent over the sink on a lazy sunday getting their hair right. So--perhaps out of nostalgia--I decided to wash my MBL, thick natural hair in the sink. ma'am! There is a reason why I have, continue to, and will always wash my hair in the shower. First, my hair was not properly rinsed out. Secondly, I could not get the water distributed evenly enough to properly soak my stands resulting in a wash'n'no. Finally, TANGLES. How the heck do people wash their hair like this regularly? 

My experience was so bad I just wrote a whole blog post on it....mhmmmmm!
Do you wash your hair in the sink? Comment below! 

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