Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Why You Don't Have Waves

why you dont have waves

The young man pictured above is my little brother, Breland. You wouldn't know it from looking at the picture but he has struggled with hair and scalp dryness due to his eczema. His waves have not always been "on swim" as you see here. I also must add that YES he is fully black. -_-" Our mom and dad (and grandparents, too) are definitely Alabama black folk! 

You don't realize that waves are flattened curls. Many of the tips that work for natural hair will work to develop your waves! Moisturized hair will curl and curly hair can be flattened for waves. I suggest looking into the curly girl method and--for harder to moisturize hair types--The Max Hydration Method. Also, please realize that your wave pattern is affected by the size of your curls. My brother has type 3 hair like my mom which is why his waves are so large. The tighter your curl pattern is, the smaller waves you will have. 

You're drying your hair out. My brother uses a rather harsh shampoo to deal with his scalp issues. His waves deepened, evened out, and gained more shine when he decreased the times per week that he used this drying shampoo. He also moisturizes his hair daily with the thick Cantu Shea Butter leave-in conditioner that comes in a jar. He protects his waves at night with a satin wave cap. His hair practices give his hair moisture and keep that moisture in.

A simple search of "How to get waves" on google will come up will all sorts of drying regimens that promise to give you waves. They ask you to brush your hair and apply drying, heavy greases. Sure that works for some, but if it worked for wouldn't be on my blog post. lol.

You are comparing yourself to others. Just because that guy over there used a certain grease and his waves look a certain way doesn't mean you can get the same results. Realize that your hair's texture is unique and needs unique care! 
Are you guilty of any of these? Comment below! 

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