Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Quick Tip: Turn the Shower Head Off

I like to save time and combine tasks like the father in Cheaper by the Dozen. He was always trying to do things quicker or more efficiently. So it is only natural that my hair regimen is centered around my regular shower. During this shower/regimen time I waste a lot of water! By the time I get out I'm shriveled like a raisin and the water is cold.

I have recently made more of an effort to conserve water (and its heat) by turning off the water in between steps of my regimen. If I am not actually rinsing my hair or detangling under the stream I cut the water. Sure, there is lots of on and off because I like to combine rinsing and applying steps (again with the quickness/efficiency) but the water isn't running cold by the time I get out and I'm feeling less wasteful.

Hopefully you too can cut back on wash day water waste!
Do you waste a lot of water during your wash day? Comment below! 

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