Wednesday, March 04, 2015

The Silent Bad Hair

There is someone in my life that has "that good huuuuuur." You know the stereotype; silky, curly, not too thick. The catch is that this person is not even natural. Their good hair title is held by the baby hairs that resist relaxing. Any time someone compliments the length/thickness of my hair in this person's presence, the attention will eventually go to how "good" this person's hair is. "It will curl up so easy", "It's so easy to handle"...all of the usual statements you can imagine. 

Now, I love this person...I really do. But each time people begin to talk about her hair in this way I hear a silent "...and you have bad hair, Kayla." I think people focus so much on what they are saying that they neglect to think about what they are not saying. I'm a grown woman so I don't need confirmation or compliments but "the silent bad hair" does cut.

Have you gotten the silent bad hair? Comment below! 

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