Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Washday feat. Dessange Paris Oleo Miracle Replenish

Two weeks ago I posted an unboxing of some Dessange products that I received from Influenster free to try. I finally got around to trying them out for my most recent washday.


 [1] Shampoo. I began this washday with an unusual step for myself, shampooing. I don't use shampoo because most of them contain sulfates which swell and puff out textured hair. The Dessange Paris Oleo Miracle Replenishing Shampoo contains sodium laureth sulfate which is a sulfate that is more gentle on the hair. I used to use products that contained this ingredient when I first went natural. The folks at Dessange used sodium hydroxide as a preservative. I'd could have done without this ingredient along with the salt and benzyl alcohol. *shudders*

The shampoo has an authentic warm floral scent. It doesn't have crazy lather and rinsed out of my thick hair very well.

[2] Deep Condition.
I then put in the Oleo Miracle Replenishing Conditioner, plopped on a plastic cap, then let it sit with heat for 20 minutes. As I rinsed this out I used it to detangle my hair. The slip was more than I expected with this conditioner.

It has a light, powdery smell and left my hair feeling conditioned--not weighed down. Now, it does contain mineral oil, isopropyl alcohol, and benzyl alcohol. Not thrilled about those.

[3] Leave In. I also reapplied some of this conditioner as a leave-in. It works!
 [4] Seal & Style I sealed in the moisture with the Oleo Miracle Replenishing Oil and followed that with the Alikay Naturals Aloe Berry Styling Gel (review). The oil has some cones and more benzyl alcohol.

 Here are a few shots of my wet hair.

It semi-dryed alright but I know that using that shampoo expanded my curls making them less defined before I even put on the styler. This conditioner won't last long because I already smashed half of the bottle using it as a DC and Leave In. By the time I refresh in the middle of the week, only drops will be left.

Dessange, I suggest you drop some of the drying alcohols from your conditioner because so many of the ingredients are good. I'm not a shampoo or serum girl so no comment on the other two.

I received this products free to try from Influenster and Dessange Paris USA. The products are available at Target stores. Click the product names in the post to learn more about them on
What do you think of the Dessange products? Comment below! 

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