Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Do eggs really work as a protein treatment?

When I was in the early days of my haircare regimen (circa 2008) I regularly used an egg as a protein treatment. Each month I went to the kitchen, snagged one of my mama's eggs, cracked it open, beat it, then clumsily applied to to my hair. I did this for some time until I began utilizing store bought treatments and conditioners. Though I no longer use this method, I thought--up until recently--that this indeed was a good protein treatment. WRONG!

Eggs contain large protein molecules. These molecules are simply too large to penetrate the hair to actually do anything. Hydrolyzed proteins have been specifically processed (hydrolyzed) to penetrate the hair shaft and strengthen the hair. 

Bottom Line: If you want to give your hair a real shot of protein...opt for hydrolyzed proteins!

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Have unhydrolyzed proteins worked for you? Comment below! 

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