Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Decrease Your Hair's Drying Time

Having low porosity hair in the winter time can be a drag. This hair type already takes forever to dry and nearly no one likes to go outside with a wet head. Here are my tips to decrease the time it takes for your hair to dry.

1. Clarify
Buildup could possibly be causeing your hair to dry slowly. I clarify my hair each season since I primarily clean my hair with bentinite clay. Though the clay removes most residue, it does leave behind trace amounts of "crud" which will need to be removed with a sulfate shampoo. 

2. Do a Protein Treatment
If your hair is lacking in protein and overdosed with moisture, it may take a little longer to make it to dry. I notice that after a protein treatment, my drying time is slashed.

3. Squeeze Out Extra Moisture After Styling
If you wear wash and gos, the gel or styler will already be holding your curls in place. Squeezing won't hurt your curls and coils. 

4. Use Gels/Stylers That Form a Cast
Products that for a cast instantly stop my hair from dripping. If my hair isn't dripping it tends to dry faster.

5. Sit Under The Dryer
If you get a wash and go style at the salon, they are going to sit you under the dryer before they diffuse or just send you on your way. You can get a cheap blowdryer attachment if you don't want to shell out the coins to purchase an actual dryer.
How do you decrease YOUR hair's drying time? Comment below! 

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